Idus 2015, Vall Llach


Porrera, Priorat

45% Cariñena(OLD VINEYARDS). 18% Merlot. 15% Cabernet Sauv. 7% Garnacha. 15% Syrah.

Focused and refined, ripe berry fruit, well structured, expressive notes of plum skin, red cherry, hints of a sweet spicen, finishing on fresh, true, pure fruit.



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Celler Vall Llach counts on the enthusiastic collaboration of growers based on trossos – fine old estates – who, during some very difficult years, continued to cultivate traditional Cariñena and Garnacha vines. These vines, located at the Porrera district, were judged suitable to define the character of Idus de Vall Llach. This is an elegant and modern wine which surprises with the mineral tones provided by the Cariñena vines, balanced and structured by the inclusion of other varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon… The skilled use of these varieties confers on the wine a profound complexity of aroma and flavor which is both persistent and soft on the palate. The eternal relationship between humans and the earth is expressed in the Priorat region as a delicate equilibrium between the formidable difficulty of cultivation and the pleasure that derives from unique results. It was the desire of Celler Vall Llach to express and concentrate this character in this wine: Idus de Vall Llach.