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Country: Chile Colchagua Valley.
Grape Varieties: Merlot 90%, Carmenère 10%
Vineyards: The vineyards that produce Montes Alpha Merlot are located in the Colchagua Valley, primarily at the Marchigüe estate. The soils are of granitic origin, at different stages of decomposition, with variable amounts of clay and organic matter, and a significant presence of rounded and angular stones. The Cabernet Franc that makes up this blend comes from the Apalta vineyard, where it reaches the ideal degree of ripeness, with very smooth tannins. The Merlot and Cabernet Franc vineyards are planted to a density of 5,555 plants/hectare (2,250 pl/acre) and are double Guyot trained giving yields of approximately 7,000 kg/hectare (2.8 tons/acre).

Harvest: Merlot harvest period: 11th-29th March.
Cabernet Franc harvest date: 12th April.: The 2016–2017 season was characterized by a dry winter, so we had to be very efficient in collecting rainwater and irrigating sustainably throughout the season, up until harvest. Only a few, isolated incidences of frost were recorded during the rather benign spring. The overall yield of our red varieties, however, was down somewhat, mainly because of reduced floral induction the previous year, as well as the restricted availability of water. Unusually high top temperatures in the summer months of January and February had a pronounced influence on the ripening process, accelerating the accumulation of sugars compared to the same period in previous years. Very cool afternoons in March, however, lowered heat summation and heightened daily temperature oscillation, resulting in a deepening of colour and more time for the tannins to ripen fully, which is especially important for the small amount of Cabernet Franc in this blend.

Tasting Notes: This newly released vintage of Montes Alpha Merlot shows a lovely deep, ruby-red colour. Ripe strawberry, blackberry, and black plum predominate on the nose, while its 12 months in French oak barrels lends elegant notes of toast, caramel, and vanilla, with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon. The palate is very smooth and medium bodied, with a perfect balance between aromas and flavours, ending with a long, silky finish.

Food Pairing: Red Meat, Pastas, Cheese
Case Bottles: 12
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The Grape
The most widely planted grape in Bordeaux and a grape that has been on a relentless expansion drive throughout the world in the last decade. Merlot is adaptable to most soils and is relatively simple to cultivate. It is a vigorous naturally high yielding grape that requires savage pruning - over-cropped Merlot-based wines are dilute and bland. It is also vital to pick at optimum ripeness as Merlot can quickly lose its varietal characteristics if harvested overripe.

In St.Emilion and Pomerol it withstands the moist clay rich soils far better than Cabernet grapes, and at its best produces opulently rich, plummy clarets with succulent fruitcake-like nuances. Le Pin, Pétrus and Clinet are examples of hedonistically rich Merlot wines at their very best. It also plays a key supporting role in filling out the middle palate of the Cabernet-dominated wines of the Médoc and Graves.

Merlot is now grown in virtually all wine growing countries and is particularly successful in California, Chile and Northern Italy