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Country: Cyprus, Limassol, Pelendri
Grape Varieties: 95% Xynisteri, 5% Mavro
Tasting Notes: Intense citrus aromas, sweet bergamot, mature apricot and dried figs accompanied with a nutty and toffee aftertaste. A well balanced wine with a harmony between fruitiness, acidity and sweetness.

Food Pairing: Nuts, hard cheese, blue cheese and dark chocolate cake.

Tsiakkas winery is found in Pelendri, in the region of Pitsilia. It’s vineyards are also found in the same region. The dry climate of the region in combination with the unique geology, constitutes basic factors for the production of exceptional wines. The cold winters and the cool summertime are ideal for the production of quality grapes, an essential condition for quality wines.

Supported by its tradition, the enthusiasm, the love for the wine and the hard work to acquire the know-how, the winery achieved the production of premium wines, for which the care begins from the vineyard. From the highest vineyards of Agros village, with an altitude of 1500 meters, to Petralona. And from Keramis microclimate to the unique characteristics of Agios Ioannis vineyards, the winery combines the best characteristics of the varieties, producing not only wines but also Commandaria and Zivania, with character and intense personality. Tsiakkas winery, not only gives attention to quality, but also has as priority the distribution and culture of indigenous varieties of vine and production of wines combining the tradition and the modern know-how.

From the Cyprus varieties it produces Xynisteri, Bambakada (Maratheftiko) and Yiannoudi. Also Commandaria and red Zivania. From the international varieties, it produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.
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The Grape
Xynisteri is the main white-wine variety of Cyprus. Covering a large portion of the island nation`s vineyard, the variety is used to make both light, refreshing white wines and, together with Mavro, the ancient and renowned Commandaria dessert wines.

The dry, limestone-dominant Cypriot terroir has given the variety a suitable home, and the best Xynisteri vines are planted at higher altitutes where cooler temperatures enhance the quality of the grapes. Here, the variety is at its taut, minerally best; producing wines with lifted aromas of fruit and nuts, and flavors of lemon, peach, and white plum. Xynisteri wines are sometimes aged in oak, bringing spicier, nuttier tones to the fore, and are occasionally blended with other white-wine varieties like Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.

Xynisteri is also a minor player in Commandaria wines, which are usually dominated by the red-skinned Mavro variety. These wines are traditionally made by drying grapes on rooftops to increase sugar concentration, and are often fortified. Since 1993, Commanderia wines have had their own Protected Designation of Origin.