Billecart-Salmon Elizabeth Salmon 2002


Appearance: A salmon pink tint underscored by a gracious and persistant effervescent veil. A very seductive visual ensemble, with a soft shimmering reflection, rising to an accomplished articulation of a great vintage.

Aroma: It is a refreshing sensorial expression of crisp red berries, citrus peel and stone fruits. With the exquisite sensation of a rich and complex aromatic generosity (fresh figs, white peach, peony). Fine and ripe effective notes, respectfully softening the distinctive perfume of summer fruits and wild strawberries.

 Palate: A rich and deep luscious flavour owing to the noble and harmonious maturing of the wine. An ample and pure character in the mouth unveiling the soft spices of tangy mandarine and the persistant flavours of roses.

Serving: This great wine with its extreme finesse is a sign of its delicate personality. An aromatic charm with a rare mineral dimension, marries well with beautiful creamy poultry, in particular poulet de Bresse, roast veal and poached peaches.

Serve at 11-12┬░.

Wine Enthusiast: 94

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